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Individual Therapy
What is Psychotherapy ?
Psychotherapy is a way to help understand and change what’s not working in your life. It may mean trying to
figure out why you find love so elusive, or why the more successful you become the more anxious you feel, or
why you’re so self-critical. Your problems may focus on work, the personal realm, or both. In any case,
psychotherapy brings highly individualized help where it’s needed. It involves identifying and understanding the
problems that stand between you and happiness, and then working with your therapist to change the status

In psychotherapy you’ll establish regular weekly appointments with your therapist, then meet to talk through
what’s on your mind in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It may surprise you to find that simply talking with a
therapist will frequently lighten the load, make you feel less alone, and lessen your symptoms. As you begin to
feel better about yourself, possible solutions to your problems may become more obvious.

Psychotherapy can help you . . .
•        Find relief from painful symptoms of depression and anxiety.
•        Unblock creativity.
•        Improve your relationships with family and significant others.
•        Experience more relaxed feelings about yourself and your life.
•        Enhance your natural ability to trust others.
•        Increase your capacity to experience pleasure in your life.
•        Develop more mature sexual relationships.
•        Reach your full potential at work.
•        Feel more in control of your life and the decisions you make.
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About My Practice
If you have found this site, you may be looking for relief
from sadness, worry, lack of enjoyment, social anxiety,
unmanageable anger or trouble making decisions.  Maybe
you are having difficulty making and maintaining intimate
relationships, or feel stuck in your career life, or have
recently suffered a significant loss.  Perhaps you are
frustrated by the negative consequences of your
behavior around food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or the
Internet.  Or perhaps you are ready to know yourself
more deeply.